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TP Forest Growable Acorn Swing Frame

Product Code: 302
From £129.99

About the TP Forest Growable Acorn Swing Frame

A wooden swing frame which can be built at half height to be used in the house with a TP baby seat or built outside at full height to be used either with a baby seat or a standard swing seat. This frame does not include any swing seats but all makes of baby, toddler and swing seat on our website can be used with this swing when it's at full height, only certain TP baby seats can be used with the swing at its low height. 9 months +

Bad box items have a price reduction due to a slightly damaged box, but we check the toy is not damaged and improve the packaging before it is sent to you, please contact us if you would like more information. Limited availability.


Low 117 x 100cm, Full 135 x 194cm
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