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SoftReflector Pendants

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About the SoftReflector Pendants

A very bright reflector at night and a great design during the day. These reflectors really work, can hang on almost anywhere and don't fall off, come with a range of different fastening options in each bag. Fix to; Zips, backs of coats, bike hats, dog leads, saddles, sides of wellies, bags, bike seats and anywhere else you can hang one. My daughters have been through the wash occasionally and have been fine and they are designed to be washed off if they get muddy! Made in Estonia where it's illegal not to wear something reflective when your outside, made from high quality 3m Scotchlite material. And comply with CE EN 13356 directive. We promise you will find a design to suit everyone. There are shaped reflectors, some animals, others are cartoon type characters or oval disks with shapes cut into the disk. A range of sizes but around 6 x 7cm. Not all the images are available or large enough for the webpage but if you would like sizes or images of any specific ones please let us know. The whole range is on display in the shop. Age 3+ as the fixing clips, chains and safety pins are small and could be sharp.


Range, contact us for exact measurements if required.
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