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Slackers Ninja Tree Climbers Stones

Product Code: M980040
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About the Slackers Ninja Tree Climbers Stones

Who does not know the problem that with many trees the first 2-3 meters are insurmountable until climbing in the crown or use these stones to access your Ninja Line. The new Tree Climbers from Slackers are innovative tree climbing handles that are attached to the trunk with small ratchet straps and overcome this problem. They fit on trees with a diameter of about 25-70cm and can be mounted closer or further apart depending on the size of the users. The set consists of 5 robust plastic plates with anti-slip grip tape, to which the four enclosed climbing handles are screwed with an Allen screw. The fifth and lowest base plate serves only as a foot step, on which no climbing handle is mounted. The panels have a structured, large contact surface to prevent injuries to the tree. Maximum load capacity: 113kg.
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