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BIG Sport Bike

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About the BIG Sport Bike

The BIG Sport Bike is taking off direct from the speedway to the child’s room and setting new standards in the area of children’s walking bikes. It is perfectly adapted to children’s ergonomics and equipped with ingenious extras. While "driving about" the children train their sense of balance and coordination through play. The perfect ergonomics and low centre of gravity provide maximum safety for the wheels and bring the young racers safely to the finish line in any rally.

Premium wheels with a soft-material coating provide excellent traction and ultra-silent tyre noise. The ergonomic handlebars with their child-friendly handles and hand guards provide firm support and protect young hands if they hit anything. To prevent children from tipping over when tearing round bends, the tried-and-tested BIG steering lock has been integrated, ensuring a high degree of stability.

18 months - 3 years

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the effort. I know the kids will be so excited - thanks

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