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Magformers 14

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About the Magformers 14

A basic set to get you started or build your collection, the set contains 8 triangles and 6 squares, the idea book gives you lots of models to get you started, then let your imagination take you from there. Magformers are a fantastic construction toy, which are made from strong toughened ABS Plastic, have a lovely tactile feel, bright contrasting colours and a strong magnetic hold, so they stay together. Making them super easy to assemble, take apart, then build again also to tidy away and store. Children can make 2D flat net shapes then transform it into exiting 3D geometric structures whilst they are playing. Making these suit children from 18 months to GCSE and A Level students looking at nets and 3D structures, as well as all of us in the office, just handling them as they are very tactile. The magnets are encapsulated in the edges of the shapes but they are able to rotate, allowing them to connect to each other every time and not repel. 3 years +

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Just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent service and swift delivery of my daughter's new playhouse.

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