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Playmags 32 Piece Magnetic Junior Building Set

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About the Playmags 32 Piece Magnetic Junior Building Set

Build, Learn, Play, the best toys are ones which let you learn through play. These Playmag pieces definitely do this, each brightly coloured panel has an internal magnetic strip running along its edges, letting you build and adapt easily as your exploration and problem solving develops. From making basic buildings, structures and pictures to creating 3D net shapes, taught in the curriculum year 6 and above. Lay the shapes out flat (creating a Net shape) then fold them in to create a 3D model or do it in reverse and see the shape you get. If its not quite what you planned, add an extra in or take one out. Each tile has a smooth surface, with internal lattice to give it strength, super strong magnets to ensure your structure holds together and each piece is fastened together with rivets.
This 32 piece junior set starts, children off with a range of the most used different shaped tiles and some clickin letter tiles so they can personalise their design. Set includes 16 square tiles and windows, 16 triangles of varying styles and 6 clickin letters.
Age 3+

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