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Hape Rotating Music Box

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About the Hape Rotating Music Box

A gentle, peaceful music box, that plays a soothing, very pleasant tune which doesn’t sound repetitive and one winding lasts for a long time. The cone shape is very smooth and tactile with a wooden top and plastic sides giving a change in texture. The colour changing shapes round the edge add interest for a little one and the cone will also work laid on its side, the a bright red base and shapes continue the interest in this part of the instrument. This would suit from new borns up over as older children can learn to wind it up themselves and listen to a different pace and style of music, it would also work well to sooth them to sleep. Age 0+ Give us a ring if you would like to hear it playing!

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the effort. I know the kids will be so excited - thanks

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