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Atelier Fischer - Puzzle Heidi 9 Block Wooden Puzzle

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About the Atelier Fischer - Puzzle Heidi 9 Block Wooden Puzzle

Tell the story of Heidi in the mountains with this beautifully designed puzzle with 9 different pictures, turn the 9 wooden cubes to create the correct image. The images tell the story of Heidi and show, her with her Grandfather, with Peter, walking from the chalet, Peter with the goats, with Clara in a wheelchair and Peter and her Aunt Dete. This puzzle has pictures of.
The company Atelier Fischer is Swiss and the puzzles are all 100% made and designed in Switzerland, the FSC certified solid wood is sourced from local Swiss timber and the factory where the puzzles are made employs disabled people in the production, giving them local employment.
Age 3+

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the effort. I know the kids will be so excited - thanks

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