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Falk Lander Tractor with Trailer / Wheelbarrow and Tools. 3 - 7 years

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About the Falk Lander Tractor with Trailer / Wheelbarrow and Tools. 3 - 7 years

This large pedal tractor with a horn can take you from carrying things in the trailer round the yard to helping out in the garden with your very own wheelbarrow. Simply un hitch the trailer when you get to the garden, swing the side bars round and you have your very own 2 wheeled stable wheel barrow, complete with giant spade, rake and watering can, secured to the trailer sides. When you have either delivered your load or collected things from the garden with your wheelbarrow, hitch it back to your tractor, stow the tools and turn the handles back on the trailer sides and your ready to jump back on your tractor and deliver your load.
Falk make very strong sturdy robust tractors that can withstand years of playing but aren’t too heavy to allow little ones to pedal and steer over rough ground.
Age 3 – 7 years Max weight 50kg

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