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  • Gotz Doll Hannah at the ballet
  • Gotz Doll Hannah at the ballet
  • Gotz Doll Hannah at the ballet

Gotz Doll Hannah at the ballet

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Product details

Dimensions: Height 50 cm
Manufacturer: Gotz Dolls

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About the Gotz Doll Hannah at the ballet

Gotz 50cm doll Hannah at the Ballet (Blonde), has very long blonde hair with a fringe, blue in-set eyes, long dark lashes, rosy cheeks and full luscious lips. She has a vinyl body with joints at the shoulders, hips and neck. Hannah's face is asymmetrical and so are her limbs, just like a real girl.

She wears a short sleeved pink leotard with wrap cardigan, tutu, tights, ankle warmers and ballet shoes. After ballet, Hannah changes into a pair of white jeans, a white long-sleeved t-shirt with floral print graphic to the neck, a pair of floral and lilac ballet flats with a pink bow and slings her floral zip opening messenger bag over her shoulder.Age 3 +

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