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Corolle Dolly Calin Grenadine

Corolle Dolly Calin Grenadine

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Dimensions: Doll Size 12" / 30 cm
Manufacturer: Corolle

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About the Corolle Dolly Calin Grenadine

Calin Grenadine is the ideal first baby doll for the littlest mum ages 18 months and up. She has blinking eyes, a bean body and poseable arms and legs. She comes with a beautiful pink babygro with easy to fasten velcro. Corolle is a range of beautiful dolls steeped in French tradition, each Corolle doll has it's own unique style and features. Made from the softest fabrics, vanilla scented skin and realistic features , they are the perfect gift for any child.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the effort. I know the kids will be so excited - thanks

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