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Ein-O Science Basic Kit

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About the Ein-O Science Basic Kit

A great present for an older child just for fun or to help them with their school work, to give a basic idea of how things happen and why. The kits contains almost everything they will need for 4 different experiments along with detailed instructions and explanations about how and why things are happening. There are 4 different kits to choose from. The Energy Wiz kit is all about different forms of energy which make things move, so you can make and try a squeeze shooter, balloon rocket, paper windmill and a Spoolmobile!
There are also kits to learn about and experiment with Sound Waves, Air Pressure and Light Rays.
There is also a website full of extra information and activities for you.
Age 8+
OFFER If you would like a set of 4, they are �9.99, please ring us to order them.

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