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  • Winther Wheelbarrow
  • Winther Wheelbarrow

Winther Wheelbarrow

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Dimensions: 81 (l) x 38(w) x 30(h) cm
Manufacturer: Winther

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About the Winther Wheelbarrow

A sturdy 2 wheeled barrow which allows even small children to master wheeling it, as the 2 wheels give it lots of balance and the stands keep it up right when not in use, the large barrow parts gives lots of space for carrying your load but the angle of the handles to the barrow mean you only have to lift it a small amount to get the stand off the ground and the barrow moving. (Winther are experts at designing toys that actually fit and suit children and their abilities). Great for helping around the garden or yard.
Age 2-4 years

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Thanks for your e-mail and fantastic service. I have been to the web-site and ordered an explorer wagon and my son is delighted!!

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