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Winther Viking Large Scooter

Winther Viking Large Scooter

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Dimensions: 100 (l) x 47 (w) x 76(h) cm
Manufacturer: Winther

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About the Winther Viking Large Scooter

Your never too old to ride a scooter, its faster than walking, easier than running and you can stop and get off quicker than you can on a bike. This large strong scooter is designed for lots of use by older children (it is also used here by our staff to go between stores) its rubber tyres mean little noise, the break on the rear wheel helps with stopping and the high handle bars mean all but the tallest people can use it with ease. Great for developing balance and getting somewhere quickly with ease or just enjoying the scenery as you go along, as they do on the continent.
Age 6 - 10 years

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