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Kids Globe Cow Shed with Milking Parlour

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About the Kids Globe Cow Shed with Milking Parlour

A huge cow house, this shed has everything your dairy cow needs all under one roof or you can use it for lots of different stock and machinery. The front of the shed is open with a feed passage and sliding doors at either end so a feeder wagon can run along, though you could also use this area to park machines. The main area is for loose cow housing and has plenty of stalls, a feed barrier so they can access the feed passage, a door in and out of the parlour and two personnel doors for human and cow access. The parlour is a herring bone type for 10 cows, these is also a dairy next to this and in the front corner of the shed a small loose area is perfect for calves or any cows that need your special attention. The shed roof folds back as a whole or in sections, depending on where you need to access.
Age 3+ 1:32 scale.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the effort. I know the kids will be so excited - thanks

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