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OGO Medium Sports Disks

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About the OGO Medium Sports Disks

How many different games can you come up with using these disks, so far we have passing the ball, keeping the ball up, Frisbee, baseball, volleyball, tennis, playing with water balloons instead of a ball, playing with more than one ball and playing with loads of people with and without disks. We are also told the float so you can play with them in a pool or at the beach, let us know of other games you come up with.

The set comes with 2 foam disks with mesh centres and a rubber strand "ball", a very addictive game, our staff have not stopped playing with our display set round the office since they came.
This large set has 19 inch disks. Extra balls are available to increase the skill and the fun.
Age 3+
Great as a present for older children but soft and gentle enough for little ones.

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