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Hape Crank Powered Wind Up Battery Train Engine

Hape Crank Powered Wind Up Battery Train Engine

Product Code: E3761
Hape Crank Powered Wind Up Battery Train Engine
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About the Hape Crank Powered Wind Up Battery Train Engine

A train engine that does everything a battery or push along train can do, without needing batteries.

For the magic to happen, slide the button underneath to take it out of free wheel, pull out the winding handle and give it a turn, we gave ours 10 quick turns but not crazy child fast, put it on the track and pressed the large yellow button.

 Lights come on and the train sets off, we linked up 2 long carriages on our display track in store with its 2 levels and bends, this train with its lights shining bright, pulled at exactly the same speed as another battery powered engine we raced it against, round the track and up the hills for over 5 minutes, (we didn’t run it to stop, we switched it off).

Inside this clever engine is a small generator you hear whirring as you turn the crank to charge it up and this converts your muscle power into electricity through magnetic induction. (The train is silent when running)

The train can be set in free wheel and it’s a good looking standard train, that fits onto wooden train track, is the same size as other engines for wooden train tracks and links up to carriages and away you go in your sleek engine.

We think this is a must have engine to add to your collection, it fits onto wooden track, is as fast and strong as other battery trains and doesn't need replacement batteries but also lasts for a long time so doesn't spoil a game by running out of power quickly. It can also be switched to free wheel when you want to power it by hand. 

Come in store to try it.

Age 3+


13 x 13.5 x 5cm when handle away
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