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Beleduc Giraffe Hand Puppet

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About the Beleduc Giraffe Hand Puppet

A friendly Giraffe with a long neck, big eye lashes, a soft mane, swishing tail and four independently moving legs.


Beleduc puppets fit literally like a glove, there is a cuff to keep the puppet in place, then place each finger and thumb to control the puppet, making this crocodile have four independently working legs as well as a moving head and neck.  Its easy to make the puppet move and a medium adult or child's hand will fit into the glove. 

A 9 year old with fairly small hands managed it easily, 3 year old could work it in their own way but still loved how it moved, mummy with large hands can just get a hand in and can create a whole magic world of stories. 


25(h) x 20(l) x 9(w)cm
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